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The Mycological Twist

8th November- 14th December 2016

The Mycological Twist brings you to the world of Fungitopia. Speculating on a reality in which we shift from a fungiphobe to a fungiphile society - a future where mushrooms live in symbiosis with humans and vice versa. As allies, these fungus would help us getting rid of undesirable pests, regulate our health, decompose our waste and enhance our vision and experience of hyper-connected bodies. Feeding upon our fantasy for a humanity reconciled with its ecosystem, the exhibition poses snippets of mushroom dreams entangled in triumphant science.

The Mycological Twist is a project by Anne de Boer and Eloïse Bonneviot developed in 2014 in Jupiter Woods’ garden, a gallery located in South Bermondsey, London. It operates as a space functioning both as an extension of Jupiter Woods’ exhibition space, and as a place to investigatethe cycle of deterioration and regeneration happening in zones of Dark Ecology.

Coined by Paul Stamets, the Mycological Twist looks at its capacity of inserting itself as a permacultural extension to the exhibition space. Theunderlying structure of the program is following patterns and behaviours integral to the garden, and follows moments of inoculation, growth and harvest as key elements for events to happen.

The materialization of the research results in a program of commissioned works, lectures, performances and works. The project travels and collaborates with spaces and organisations beyond the native ground of Jupiter Woods’ garden. Recent activities include; Cosmo at Kevin Space, Vienna AT, Пикник на обочине (Piknik na obochine) curated by Florent Delval at EXO EXO, Paris FR, Diaspora - The Mycological Twist educational DJ/VJ-set, RCA London and The Mycological Twist / Riverside / Rust at Riverside, Bern CH.

*Associated events*
22nd November - 6.30 pm
The Creeping Garden a film by Tim Grabham and writer
and film curator Jasper Sharp.

30th November 2016
Educational DJ/VJ set • edʒuˈkeɪʃən(ə)l ˈdiːdʒeɪ / vi:dʒeɪ sɛt
A process of deep learning through the mechanism of leisure, dance
and visual input to implant knowledge on any given field while entertaining
an audience.