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Anastasia Vikhornova  & Carlos Monleon

24th May - 14th June 2017
Nervous System

Body is Circuit is a two parts show that re-imagines nervous systems for post-biological landscapes in which they are no longer dependant on anatomical bodies.

Nervous systems are living channels of information, they are pathways created by evolutionary forces. Nervous systems connect mind with matter, mind with other mind(s) and the body with its separate parts. In this evolutionary process, neurobiology results in consciousness. Anastasia Vikhornova and Carlos Monleon take inspiration from these processes and current developments in cybernetics and information sciences to propose speculative becomings of minds and bodies.

By using imaging devices and technologies of self developed by Western and non-Western traditions of science, such as artificial neural networks, Virtual Reality computational models, mudras (sacred gestures), reflexology maps, they construct representations of the connections between the material and the subtle body.

 *Associated events*
24th May- Doors open at 7:30,
Event I - NeuroVoguing

NeuroVoguing - a neuro dance tonic {treatment}
that triggers
inner connections and outer flows
that completes
the body's {deep}

A performance in three chapters charts the
evolution of mind, brain, inner connections within the body, and
outer connections with non-biological entities.

_____Hand work m1cr0 l00p3d______

Amazing voguing by_____
Jay Jay Revlon_____
from the Iconic International House of Revlon and founder
and father of the international Kiki House of Tea.

Simeon Walker_____
from the Iconic International House of Khan (UK Chapter)
and Kiki The Legendary Royal House of Old Navy International (UK Chapter)

hosted by________

Anastasia Vikhornova and Carlos Monleon

DJ G'Vine (patchfinder.eu)

*14th June- 7pm*
II. Celestial chat bots ..........................................................chat
An X and Y conversation between dust and ocean, testing and lapping
on a shores of decision and control of inconsistently coagulating
Artificial Intelligence.
A collaboration with Nicholas Mortimer http://nicholasmortimer.net/