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Writing Worlds/Writing Time
Alex Ressel & Kerri Meehan
Pump House Gallery

Snow I love U foever’, Alex Ressel & Kerri Meehan, 2017.

Diaspore presents a new series of public events in collaboration with Wandsworth Council’s Pump House Gallery exploring through storytelling the environmental impact human beings have had on the planet in recent millennia.

Responding to themes of Sriwhana Spong’s exhibition a hook but no fish, the  programme begins with ‘Writing Worlds/Writing Time’, an artists’ talk and writing workshop with Alex Ressel and Kerri Meehan, who will share stories and materials from their research into narratives around nuclear power.

Reflecting on a recent trip to Australia where they met Traditional Owners (the descendants of tribes or ethnic groups that occupied a particular region before European settlement), mine workers, nuclear campaigners and a whistle-blower who worked at the testing grounds for Britain’s nuclear arsenal, the artists will invite participants at the workshop to explore the role that language and storytelling play in forming our perceptions of environmental responsibility.