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Ariane Schick

Pig-Pen'n'Friends shows clouds and landscapes, conversations, voices and firework sounds, a hand holding an ant and illustrations of Pig-Pen the character from the comics Peanuts. Pig-Pen ‘gets dirty just by walking down the street’.

He moves as and in
a cloud of dust + things.The world just sticks to him.
He is like an atom in its cloud of electrons. 

He is a cloud and a character, a world, a nothing and a something. He moves and moves the things around him.

Ariane Schick is a London based artist. She graduated from the Beaux Arts in Paris and the Royal Academy in London. Her work explores subconscious social experiences. Through a varied practice her work activates muscle memory by engaging the viewer’s emotions and memories.

Recent group exhibitions include Narrative Realities at Gossamer Fog in London, online exhibition with Bizoux.online alongside a live event at Doc in Paris, The Scales of Persona and Possibility at Super Dakota in Brussels and Efficient Frontier at Magenta Plains in New York. Recent solo exhibitions include and La Tarantella at AND/OR in London and I Made You To Find Me at Super Dakota in  Brussels.