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Table ronde avec Coco Velten, Diaspore et Theatrum Mundi, Arthur Eskenazi.
Une table ronde qui explore les modèles et modes alternatifs de production culturelle. Comment crée-t-on de la culture? Comment lui donner de la valeur et de la visibilité? Comment s’organise-t-on pour qu’elle soit viable pour ceux et celles qui la produisent?
Qui en profite?

Round table with Coco Velten, Diaspore and Theatrum Mundi, Arthur Eskenazi
A round table to explore alternative models and modes of cultural production. How do we create culture? How do we give it value and visibility? How do we organise it to make it viable for those who produce it? Who is profiting from it?

A special broadcast exploring and examining the present and possible future contexts for the city of Marseille and the people who live there. With a panel of guests we will explore and uncover new perspectives on place, urbanism and the future life of the city. This will be a digital meeting of minds exploring the tested VVFA co-enquiry model in a new context, bringing together different communities and voices in the exploration of new normals and their future potential.

Beholden, forbearance--- Lou-Atessa Marcellin and Susannah Haslam call on friends to collage their continuing conversation on what it means, and how, to work together.

Megha Ralapati, Anne Duffau, Keira Greene, Natasha Cox, Jamie Hudson, Isobel Mei, Rob Shuttleworth, Penny Klein, Anna Pigott, Jamie Allen, Louise Emily Carver, Lou-Atessa, Theo Turpin, Susannah Haslam and friends.
Produced by Susannah Haslam and Lou-Atessa for Art Licks Radio programme in partnership with RTM radio. Art Licks festival 2019.